Egyptian Bronze Osiris – 760 – 656 BCE


Egypt, 25th Dynasty, ca. 760 – 656 BCE.  A bronze figure of Osiris holding crook and flail. Depicted standing straight, wearing the Hedjet crown of upper Egypt with uraeus above forehead, and ruling beard on chin.  The 25th Dynasty was known as the Kushite Dynasty due to the rule by the Kush (Nubians from the south) for a period of about 100 years. The Nubian’s were famous for supplying much of the gold and brought a revival of culture to Egypt, reuniting upper and lower Egypt, as well as starting the widest spread construction of Pyramids since the Middle Kingdom.  This piece has a strong green and red painta, thin profiling, and fine detail. An interested piece from an interesting time in Egyptian history. 4-1/4″H. Custom woodblock stand.

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